About Shadow Company

'Time is like a forest fire.'

Written History

Shadow Company was founded by a group of Adonis Syndicate descendants headed by none other than Candice 'Nettie' Kerans who is most famous for developing the OT Kerans Automatic Grinner. It brought improved technology to fixers everywhere when a well balanced SMG with good poison damage was needed desperately. The charter was officially approved on 11-23-2001 old world earth time and 'Shadow Company' was born.

Some say Shadow Company became widely infamous due to its scheming and manipulating qualities. We'll take a compliment however we can get it. ^ ^ However, we are very proud of our recent contributions that helped in the construction of Omni-Tek's newest Shadow Lands Museums and Libraries. Several of our historians working with world renowned symbologists are finding many leads in Adonis symbols that lend foundation to legends coming from our ancestory.

On the world of Rubi-Ka, like any good fixer based guild if you ask, "can you get this for me?" "well of course we can ;) ... for the right price".


Adonis Syndicate Legend

The Syndicate legends are high praised amongst fellow Shadow Company members but are still closely held secrets not disclosed to the general public. Some years back one of our boys got into an argument with a street vender over the relevance of our legends and after he went home he started drinking and before he knew what he had done, he wrote out and sent one of the legends to a local omni newspaper. It was the legend about the great city that would one day succumb to being many meters underwater. Fortunately that legend, even though it has come to past, was only a minor detail compared to the information in the Core glyphs.

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