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Fixer SMG's

SMG Pathways for both free and subscriber fixers

Pathway for Free Players w/o SL and AI

Level 1 - 15

Two Stabilized Silent Spitters - - ICC Shuttle port weapons from constructing them.

Level 16 - 40

Sol Chironis if you can get it,  then either an MCS or MPS. They are totally fine weapons as well and much easier in some ways to buy from a shop or buy parts for in the case of the MCS. If you like the feel of two guns put on two Russian Good Days.   You can even play around with an Aleph if you want.

Level 41 - 70

a Gamma Ejector, period! :) Hold on for the ride with both hands.

Level 71 - 100 Ok 2 Gamma's if you don't have em on already. Some say don't raise Multi-Ranged (Ouch!) but if you plan on 2 BlackBirds anyway then why not? Alternative would be a MCS or a Sol Chironis.
Level 101 - 130 At level 100 the 2 Gammas are tired at best. Look to the MCS and then the Manex if you planted Ranged Init Enough, until you put on 2 BlackBirds
Level 130 - 200 BlindedBlackBirds if you get/got em on sooner than 130 -- more fixah powah to ya! (you probably have a funded account by now and are using SL or AI weapons anyway)


Pathway for SL and AI players

1 - 15 Two Stabilized Silent Spitters -- ICC Shuttle port weapons from constructing them. Or! If you go through Shadow Lands Training grounds then get the parts and make yourself a Chimera Machine Gun, it's extremely nice.
Level 16 - 40 Sol Chironis if you can get it,  then either an MCS or MPS they are totally good too and much easier in some ways to buy from a shop or buy parts for in the case of the MCS. If you have the means (access to or creds to buy or time to get it) put on a Perennium Beamer and keep it on your untill you get to level to around Level 150 where you can then put on a Syndicate Messenger.
Level 41 - 60 Play with the Gamma Ejector through Level 41 to 60 then consider a Mortiig Beamer around Level 60
Level 61 - 75 Mortiig Beamer -- How ever long you wanna use the Mortiig Beamer is up to you. 75 is arbitrary here. In fact you could stick with the Perennium Beamer skipping the Mortiig altogether.
Level 75 - 150 Perennium Beamer, then when you get near level 150 and can put on the Syndicate Messenger Gun do it.
Level 150 - 220 See Zura's info here on high end fixer weapons. It's an excellent reference.


Kyr'Ozch Machine Pistols

The SMG's:


Very Excellent Dmg per requirements and you can wield two of them :) Be sure to buy the extra Solar Powered Machine Gun, two Antonio's Adaptation Factories and pick up two Malle Bone Plates while in ICC Training grounds as there is no way to go back to get another that I'm aware of.

Excerpt from Chebri on Construction "Upgrade your ICC Shuttleport Weapons" on


>Solar Powered Submachine Gun upgrade to Stabilized Silent Spitter
>Antonio's Adaptation Factory + Bone Plates (Malle) = Bone Stock
>Bone Stock+ Solar Powered Submachine Gun = Stabilized Silent Spitter


  [SL] Comes in QL 1 to 15 -- 1.5s Attack and Recharge times and Energy Dmg -- nothing wrong with this gun :)
  Great little gun. Looks pretty, easy to acquire via a rolled mission using ClickSaver and also easy to purchase from shops. It shoots appreciably faster than an MCS and the projectile damage at low level is just fine. If you are lvl 1 to 40 don't be afraid to reach for an MPS. It will make you look'a like a fixer.

I personally love Sol's, because when they first came out they were much faster than the current standard MCS being 1.5s forward and back stroke compared to the MCS's 3s attack and 1s Recharge although most say the MCS has almost the fastest burst cycle of all SMG's. Additionally, the Sol Chironis does Carbonum cutting energy damage and consumes pretty red energy ammo packs. ^ ^ How can a fixer go wrong?

To build a Sol Chironis check out the instructions on's web site here.



Mission Rollable, Multi-Wieldable, and Projectile Damage. There was a time when some Gamma Ejector fixers would put a Russian Good Day in their other hand until they could weild two Gamma Ejectors. This setup typically raises the discussion about how the off hand weapon slows down the primary weapon. If you know that you will be putting IP into Multi-Ranged in the near future for another pair of SMG guns then the RGD's make a great little pair of Projectile weapons with completely decent performance.



Big gun. When I equip one I just about tip over. ^ ^ Looks big --> is big --> and makes big booming sounds. I think aside from its mean bark it's a slow dog even though its bite is hard. The high end Manex December was the way to go for high level fixers and support professions before SL (Shadow Lands) weapons came along, because at high levels people could implant ranged init to make the gun shoot almost 1 to 1 and perhaps even 1 to1 in some cases (ie 1s attack and 1s recharge). There is still lots of sentimental value in old Manexes for old timers but they are no longer a top pick, especially at low levels.



Why do I discount the ILB's as an anti-SMG? Well actually I don't even consider them SMG's 'cause they have a pistol requirement. But, they have a fixer only requirement right? How dare FunCom put a fixer only weapon in the game that goes beyond SMG and Burst Skill requirements (Pistol skill) and to top it off also requires multi-range skill for the both of em, sucking any remaining IP out of innocent fixers. This is why I don't even care to address them except as a warning, although some mutant fixoids have made a twisted career wielding them. God save their souls.



Try to go on a gamma run before you get to level 41 so that you can drop it on right at level 41. You'll see why level 41 is the shortest level in your fixer life. ^ ^ I have usually gone with the prevailing recommendation. "Don't bother raising Multi-Ranged to duel wield them."

As to where to get Gamma's at level 35 or so get a high level like 150 or higher to warp you in or escort you to the guard rooms of Foreman's Mine in the County Longest Road. It's really called Biomare but most people won't know where or what you're talking about and will slowly start to move away until you say Foreman's, then they will smile and shake your hand and want to talk about TIM scopes or something like that. AO Stratics has a good ref and map of how to get there and the layout of the playfield here. Oh yeah, did I mention it's in a clan county?




Worst SMG ever. Horrible awful damage, almost tickles to get shot with it.   It really IS a doorstop disguised as an SMG.  (*note - I asked for my brother's opinion on the worst SMG, he's a soldier btw. He laughed and began to say, "Haha hard to say there's so many SMG's that ....uh <grins>.. haha") *slapped him for laughing at our fixer guns through his soldier teeth*


  Fast gun. 1s/1s so you could/can set to full defensive on it and laugh as it keeps shooting fast, however projectile damage is the plainest type damage.
  Fire Damage! very nice. Great range, 30m, and medium speed however the requirements per damage is high. FunCom would be doing well to Un-Nerf this gun in that respect. This gun can be built from shop parts or missioned with ClickSaver.

This gun used to be what all the High level fixers used years ago (pre SL / AI) then there came the Manex December. At low levels it feels painfully slow even though the burst recharge is faster than the average SMG and it does very hard hitting damage. See this's article here for MCS constructions although you can buy it from other players if you don't make it yourself.  I've heard that the MPS can be summoned by a fixer then when hacked it becomes permanent, if you want to do that to acquire the base weapon to build on.


  [SL] Ok if there's any reason a fixer buys Shadow Lands it's for this weapon. 1s/1s and Very Hard Hitting Carbonum Cutting Energy Damage. If you have SL you can easily use the Perennium Beamer and only the Perennium Beamer way up into high level. For a ref on how to build and where to get the parts if you don't happen to buy one preconstruced, look here.

[SL] Coolest looking fixer gun ever and as of Shadow Lands (pre AI) it's the best fixer gun in the game. 1s/1s Chem Damage. I love my Syndicate Mess Gun so much that I sleep with it under my pillow. Who wouldn't want one? ^ ^

  [AI] Duel Weildable alien wonder guns that are upgradeable/modifiable to have burst and even fling shot. Type 4 upgrade has burst and Type 5 upgrade adds FlingShot for both fling and burst. These little SMG's are the reason a Fixer at or near level 220 out damages all others in game, which is very nice. (See Zura's info here)
  [SL] Fast and looks like fun to me *still assessing this one and taking comments if you have any*

[SL] = Must have Shadow Lands Booster Pack to equip.

[AI] = Must have Alien Invasion Booster Pack to equip.

Updating as my time permits. . --Ez

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