Garden Keys Quests :

Garden Key Quests

Anarchy Arcanum has a few nice guides to garden key quests here.


Nascense Garden Quest Thrak Garden
  1. Get a bracer from Scientist Drake in the Jobe training ground. (Talk to him to get one, don't need to do any of the quests, but if you do the agility one you will get the map of Jobe and Nascense)
  2. Collect 5 Insignias of Thrak.
  3. Go to the Thrak statue at the north part of Nascense marked on your map (or here), and talk to Veronica.
  4. Get the ancient device
  5. Head to the Unredeemed village to talk with Prophet Yutto, found in the NE corner.
  6. Show him the device and he will want proof of Thrak.
  7. Show the Prophet one of the Insignias, which he will look at and give it back to you and give you a mission.
  8. Go to a Statue of Thrak and target it until the mission gets updated.
  9. Use the Insignia on the statue to enter the garden. Once inside save on the center platform.
  10. Talk to Hypnagogic Urga-Lum, Thrak, and get a quest to capture 3 souls.
  11. Find a Swift Silvertail (make sure it is a "Swift Silvertail" and not a "cursed" of "blessed" one).
  12. Combine the Ancient Device with an Insignia of Thrak.
  13. Right click on the Silvertail and follow the dialog to 'use' the device on it. the Silvertail will turned to a "Cursed Silvertail" and have a green mist around it.
  14. Once you get the Ancient Device back, do steps 11-13 over again 2 more times.
  15. Once you have done this 3 times, return to the garden and Hypnagogic Urga-Lum Thrak and talk to him. Give him the device when he asks for it and he will return the device and give you the Key to the Garden of Thrak.
Elysium Garden Quest Shere
  1. Pick up quest from Prophet Nar Shere at the temple. The first three Unredeemed you need to pass the letter to are also here.
  2. Travel to Storm Shelter Temple. Both Yutt-Ixi and Dom-Xum are on the top of a small building just to the east of the main ramp.
  3. Fortuitous Jorr-Fes Shere is at the base of that funnel shape on the right (below Port Five), just south of that mountain range... he's on a platform there.
  4. Now the tricky one. Ardent Pi. The reason he's tricky is because he's not in a normal Unredeemed camp, but is on his own.
  5. You need to head back to the Garden next to give Garboli Chi Shere (located in the hedge maze) the letter. Garboli Chi Shere will give you a task of finding some Redeemed people now. You don't have to kill the targets, you only have to select them and wait.
  6. Firstly head to the town to the North East of Central Ely. The first 3 are all in a building in the temple (when I say in a building I mean that they are through a doorway, but are still in the external zone)
  7. Next head to Barter in West Ely. The 4 you need to see are all down in the town part of Barter in a deep hollow.
  8. Now you're in the finishing straight. Head to the Redeemed temple at the centre of the map. The first one you need is on the start of the ramp that leads into the Utopia building itself, and the other is on the grassy field next to the water, near the low buildings (the north part of the grass).
  9. Now you should be able to head back to the Garden again, and give Garboli Chi Shere the full cannister. He will then give you the Key to the Garden of Shere
Scheol Garden Quest Roch
  1. Get a complete Blueprint of the Weary Empath Min-Ji Liu. (Dropped from redemed mobs either in the SW corner or West Redemed towns)
  2. Find a ql 135+ Subdued Flow of Novictum. (Dropped from spirits, bosses, Soul Dredges, Spirit Hunters, etc.)
  3. Get one ql 135+ Crystal filled with Source. (Get an MP to summon a empty crystal and charge it at a Control Tower in RK. These summoned crystals are only temporary until filled so best to get the MP to do this on RK.)
  4. Go to the roch's keep and in the second room go through the left door. Find the Prophet in this room and talk to him. Close the dialog.
  5. Talk to the Prophet again and show him the blueprint
  6. Go to Roch Garden and talk to a Hypnagogic  and show him the blueprint. He will explain how to make the crystal needed
  7. Get the crystal assembled to make a Novictalized Notum Crystal with 'Weart Empath Min-Ji Liu', and summon the Empath and kill her.
  8. Take the cloth that the Empath drops back to the Hypnagogic in the garden.
  9. Tell the Hypnagogic  that the Empath mentioned Eric Miller and you will recieve the Key to the Garden of Roch.
Adonis Garden Quest Dalja
  1. Head to the Redemed village in east adonis. Find and kill a mob with the name "Watcher" in the name and collect the 'Note'
  2. Head to the Unredemed temple in the abyss (underwater).  Remember to put on your scuba gear before entering to avoid the 500 DoT.
  3. Once you find the temple enter it and head to the second room. Once again head to the left and through the door and find Prophet Man Dal. Talk to him to start the quest.
  4. After receiving the quest talk to him again saying you have the 'Note' and give him the 'Note'. Get a mission update.
  5. Head to the Ancient Artifacts located on the map and chick on each of them until you get a mission update.
  6. Go to the Garden and talk with a Visionary. Hand him the note when he asks for it. You will then recieve a Key to the Garden of Dalja.
Penumbra Garden Quest Vanya
  1. Go into the temple and in the second room make a left and talk to Follower Yutt-Pi Van.
  2. He will tell you to find and target some mobs. There are 10 mobs you need to find and target. (All are marked on the recommended map)
       1. Savvy Spinetooth Blessed by Cama - 1480x1360 - West Penumbra
       2. Algor Ermemite Blessed by Cama - 1340x930 - West Penumbra
       3. Demon of Water - 2650x1900 - East Penumbra
       4. Son-Len Blessed by Cama - 3260x1740 - East Penumbra (use lever outside the Unredemed temple).
       5. Corpse Sucker Blessed by Cama - 1380x2480 - West Penumbra (North Penumbra in a tunnel)
       6. Wandering Chemist Blessed by Cama - 1050x1530 - West Penumbra
       7. Frosty Rafter Twice Marked - 2200x650 - East Penumbra
       8. Or-Made of the Furious Fists - 995x156 - West Penumbra
       9. Hilsi Warrior Blessed by Cama - Penumbra Hollows
      10. Len-We - SW Redemed camp - West Penumbra
  3. After you tag all the mobs (or before) it's time to collect 25 Fragment of the Source's.
  4. Use the Fragments on a device you will get after you target the 10th mob. It will take 5 fragments to fill up a device, after which, you will receive another empty device that will require 5 more fragments. Do this 5 times total. After the 5th one is complete you will receive your Key to the Garden of Vanya.
Inferno Garden Quest Lord Mordeth
  1. Start this quest in the Inferno Temple.
  2. You will have to pick one of 3 pocket bosses to kill. Sashu, Infernal Soul Dredge, and Odqan. (patterns found north of the Yuttos camp)
          *ql 220 novictum required to spawn all the following pocket bosses*
       1. Spawn and kill the selected mob.
       2. Ats'uks. - 220 Dragon - Patterns found in inferno from the 2 bosses at the tree after zoning into burning marshes.
       3. Ahpta - 220 Dragon - Drops from 2 dragon bosses near the Lair of Razor the Battletoad.
       4. Ushqa - 220 Dragon - Drops from 2 dragon bosses near the beginning of the path to Razor the Battletoad's lair.
       5. HO - 220 Dragon - Drops from 2 dragon bosses near the beginning of the path to Razor the Battletoad's lair.
       6. Haqa - 220 Dragon - Drops from 2 dragon bosses near the beginning of the path to Razor the Battletoad's lair.
       7. Arch Bigot Biap -  - 220 Demon - Drops from Obsolete Soul Dredge North of the 255 Incarnator.
       8. Asase Ya - 255 Hydra - Drops from Asase's Guardian, Asase's Child, and Asase's Drudge, found in the SW inferno cave.
       9. Arch Bigor Lohel - 255 Demon - Bigot Helozabasael, Bigot Laniheanheh, Fanatic Spirit Hunter, Spirits.
  3. After you kill the last mob you should recieve they Key to the Garden of Lord Mordeth.

As of patch 15.4, the unredemed mob that gives the quest will not talk.

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