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February 26, 2013.

Sometimes, Fixer-Gridding people when
you're in a hurry is like this:

"Luckily for us, we have the great Fixer-Grid
to speed things along ... "


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September 9, 2012.

omni-sc.com    back?


I was wondering what happened to the omni-sc site and
meant to find it.  Time passed by for a while.    :/

Finally, a few days ago when no one was watching, I happened
to have a reclaim term hacked wide open using an alpha VZ4
series intra-crypt library, a "gift" from Ofoz that asked me test
out the first time.

metal splicing

I reached down deep to the bottom of the terminal as far as I
could.  I just began to feel something familiar at my finger tips.

A little bit of prying on the sides
and omni-sc.com popped up!    :)

What happened to the omni-sc.com site and forums?

1  The website hosting company that omni-sc server database
   and other files got bought out.  This all seemed fine because
   the new owner(s) claimed all would continue as was.

2  The new "owners/management?" layed off the profesionals
   and hired COMPLETELY skill-less I.T. staff and ALL omni-sc content,
   database files and all went poof!

Fortunately I had done a phpbb and mysql backup a month before.
      < ... more time passes like forrest fire ... >
Unfortunately my real life got way busy for a few years.

I always wanted the omni-sc.com to be up again soon so when
I found a mobile phone sized computer for my own dedicated
metal splicing
-- no more hosting company.


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February 21, 2007.

Picture of the Month


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November 4, 2006.

Shadow Company's 5 Year Aniversary Birthday Party

Club Relax Signage Image


November, 24

10 PM EST / 9 PM CST
7 PM Pacific Time
03:00 AM UTC(Nov25)


Featured Contest Prizes

Nulity Sphere MK II icon

NanoCrystal (Nullity Sphere MK II)

-- & --

Art of peace icon

NanoCrystal (Art of peace)

(*Thanks to Ghostreverie for Art of Peace donation)


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April 13, 2006.

Shadow Company City Rebuild Party

Time: Sunday, April 16, 3:30 PM Central Day-light Time.

All buildings will be flattened and then replaced with QL 300's.


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February 28, 2006.

Yes Shadow Company is celebrating SPRING BREAK!!!!

1) Location of the party will be a mission setting in 20K
2) Keys will be available at the door or ?..
3) Alternatively, warps will be provided from the Grid in Borealis
    (for people who cannot get to 20k themselves.)

Date&Time: Saturday, March 04, 2006 2:00 PM [Central Standard Time]
Duration: 5

Other common dates and times:
Saturday, March 04, 2006 8:00 PM [UTC/Greenwich Standard Time]
Saturday, March 04, 2006 8:00 PM [GMT Standard Time]
Saturday, March 04, 2006 9:00 PM [Central European Standard Time]
Saturday, March 04, 2006 3:00 PM [Eastern Standard Time]
Saturday, March 04, 2006 2:00 PM [Central Standard Time]
Saturday, March 04, 2006 1:00 PM [Mountain Standard Time]
Saturday, March 04, 2006 12:00 PM [Pacific Standard Time]

Thank you very much Cherrymuffin for setting up this part!!!!


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November 2, 2005.

SC Web Tools by XoR is now officially NOT linked.

XoR is taking leave for a while. Styxe may get the raid management bot
from him and perhaps scai I hope, or he might keep them running for
a while longer some how.

Bye for a while now XoR. :)


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October 2, 2005.

SC Web Tools by XoR is now officially linked at the top of omni-sc.com main page.

Special thanks to XoR !


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October 1, 2005, 1:41 AM (GMT).

New Tower field!

Please place a lvl 10 - 40 Turrent or Conductor.

Place low lvl's close to CT ie QL 10 to 17 Turrents / Conductors.


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September 7, 2005, 6:00 AM (GMT).


Hollow Island -- (Belial Forrest 2250x650)


Saturday September 24th, 2005 5:00 PM EST


DJ Tarryk (LTK) of Grid Stream Productions

Getting There:

Beacon warps will be announced on air by Grid Stream Productions.

Or, you can just yalm or run there your self. Even getting parrot other can work well if you have the NCU space.


Over 25 Million in credits will be given away by DJ Tarryk.

Vicinity Contest:

Grid Armor Mk I will be given away in a vicinity
contest during the party.

Also, Nullity Sphere will be given away in a vicinity
contest during the party.


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August 22, 2005, 10:02 AM (GMT).

Ceriog: There is a post on our forums for those interested in supporting Evil and Xor on there endevors. If you have a non SC alt send it over to them. if you have an alt in SC that your thinking about, make sure the alt has no towers up. Last thing I need is to have our own fields die. :)


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August 2, 2005, 8:39 AM (GMT).

Ceriog: I made a a couple posts on our forums concerning two issues. Tower fierld selection and making an non org twink alt to go tower killing. I ask that those interested plz go read. ty.


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July 29, 2005, 3:12 PM (GMT).

Styxe: I will be clearing the ENTIRE shop, abandoning all the terminals even my own. This is to clear out terminals that are not in use by afk members. Once the shops are cleared you can reopen your shop to get your items back. I have tested this out and you do indeed just need to open another shop and you get back all your items and the prices stay the same. The ETA on the "purge" will be sunday, if you don't trust FC then remove your items and put them back in a shop sunday



Shadow Company PvP Tournement



Sign Up Sheet for July 23 Guarden Key Quest

Not Just Shere Garden. Take a look at all Garden keys to be quested as noted in the forums. :)




First Saturday of every month is TK Raid Day.




Instruction Disc (Summon Grid Armor Mk I)

To be rolled for 9:30 pm CDT April 3, 2005
For all SC Members :)
Be sure to be logged in at 9:00 pm CDT to get a # for the roll.
We will close the #'ing at 9:29 ! !



New HIGH QL Grid Exit in our city. Thanks to help from 'Pickygirl' I just tore down the itty bitty QL 34 City Grid House we had and put up the QL 282:

(Grid House Computer Literacy
Quality level:282
Must have expansionset:
Alien Invasion

Comp. Liter at level 17 4 (51 at lvl 200)

Also, just a reminder and if you didn't already know our City Mining Building provides the following stats which are very nice:

Mining Operations Nano Powerup
Quality level:283
Must have expansionset:
Alien Invasion

Time&Space at level 17 2 (34 at lvl 200)
Matter Crea at level 17 2 (34 at lvl 200)
Psycho Modi at level 17 2 (34 at lvl 200)
Bio Metamor at level 17 2 (34 at lvl 200)
Matt.Metam at level 17 2 (34 at lvl 200)
Sensory Impr at level 17 2 (34 at lvl 200)




Some things from the old SC website are not included yet but I don't want to keep everyone waiting for ever. Please register and post in the forums. Once I switch you to member status you will see and be able to post in our member forums. --Ez



Report by: Ezther - January 30, 2005, 6:57 PM (GMT)

-- We now have a new Control Tower in Galaway County

Q: How to get to the Control Tower: Starting outside the Rome Subway in Galaway Shire run down the road east til you zone into Galaway County. Then the road forks to the right(south) take that then when a road feeds in from the left the plot of land is right behind you to the west if I recall correctly. Here are the cords:  Galaway County 1170 x 1080 (use f9 to see your current cords. You can repeatedly hit f9 to watch your position change.)


The other way is to get to the CT is to enter the regular grid and on the bottom floor find the exit point labeled  Notum Controller & Organizatoin City then click on  V-Hill in Galaway County when it comes up and there you are at V-Hill land next to our CT. To get back run the road west to Rome blue or get a  Personal Grid Converter froma tower shop (our CT is QL 24) make sure you get a high enuff QL one by reading its description before buying. I think you might need NW expack for to use a  Personal Grid Converter. Once you are standing next to our CT select the CT, then right click on the  Personal Grid Converter hold still till you see Einstien s formula misquoted.

Some day our Tower is bound to be attacked by one or more lvl 30 ish Clan Twinks. If you guys eventually develop your own lvl 25 to 30 twinks that just might do the trick. If not, hehe, we ll just find some more land and put up more towers. ======================================================================================
I would like everyone with Notum Wars Expansion pack to place a QL 24 Simple Missile Turret on the edge of this plot. If you need one I can give you one. ======================================================================================

New City

Q: How to Get to SC s org city in Upper Stret East Bank? Khornish tells me that if you do not yet have the AI expansion pack you can still grid to our City but you can not go into the Head Quarters which is a drag because that is where a grid terminal is to grid back out of the city. However, we have installed 3 diffent womps that you can womp to an a city with a nearby grid term. Example, take Nuetuers R Us Womp then womp to Borealis and use that grid term at the north edge of the city there. ======================================================================================
Q: How to run to the org City? A: (Directions) Womp or grid to 2HO then run north til you zone into Upper Stret East Bank. I should metion you will do best to get a fixer run buff and HOT and set your slider to full Def before you start so you can blitz by all the meanies. Run 2/3rds up into Upper Stret East Bank and the Coords for the city are  1470 x 2180 Upper Stret East Bank
If you are at the city and being overwhelmed by a mob or alien and death is certain be mindful that if you have the AI expanse pack you can take refuge in our HQ by zoning in through its door or even just run into one of the 3 womps, beets dying.
City Lag: I have arranged our City and buildings to minimize lag. If you exit the grid into the city and remain facing to the north mostly your graphics card won t have to interpret our city neighborhood behind us. If you see me walking or running backwards from the north part of the city I m not really nutz (well& ) anyway I just don t want to turn around.


Alien Attacks on our City: With our ECM building (cloaking device) installed we can now for the most part manage when our city is attacked by Aliens. We will schedule and alien events where everyone can come to the city and be in the HQ or outside standing by ready for the invasion. THEN we will decloak and the fun begins. Jð ======================================================================================

City Controller Repairs: Khornish has repaired our controller once. To help with repairs we need as many CRU s as we can keep in stock. If you get one give it to him or repair our controller yourself but for now do not repair the red bar to 100% just yet. While we are below 100% we are immune to attacks unless we decloak. If you think you need the cash and want to sell the CRU please sell it to me before you market it elsewhere. ======================================================================================

 Notum Controller & Organizatoin City ===================

City Grid Terminal in Upper Stret East Bank ================.)======================================================================================

Here's How To Get to the Temple of Three Winds

(from http://ao.stratics.com/content/guides/dungeons/templeofthreewinds.shtml?s= check site for even more temple details and maps)

An easy way for Omnis to get to this temple is to go to Rome Green. In the south east of Rome Green at 426 x 242 you should find several boxes and someone with the title "Windcaller" standing next to them. Talk to the person and once you get the option to give something to him, give him 1000 credits. You will get a key which you can use on the portal (Temple of Three Winds Gateway) next to the boxes, which will transport you to the Temple of 3 Winds instantly. ======================================================================================

Our new web site is on the way. Elazeel and Kiltela are working on things to get our web site in order to include forums. Yay! ======================================================================================

I'm asked many times about land and cities. :) These are tow separate thingies. ======================================================================================

Land control (towers) came along in notum wars expansion pack. When I grab some land we need to one populate it quickly with a tower from each member and two be able to respond to defend it from attack. Here is info on land control play (http://ao.stratics.com/content/guides/notum_wars/land_control.shtml & http://www.anarchy-online.com/content/game/notumwars/articles/02.html)


A city for SC sounds good to me and these are part of the Alien Invasion expansion features of AO. Some people have explained to me the costs involved. The cost seem to be in the 10's of millions which is not out of the question but i still need to read up on this more and/or have on or a group of you that's well versed in city mechanics to chair city function and management for SC. Let me know if this is you. :)


Oh yes! If you've been in the org for over a week and want to be promoted to "Member" then come to me and I will promote you from "Applicant" to "Member."


There are two bots right now, Scbot and Scadmin. Scadmin thanks to Elazeel. :)


As far as who is Shadow Company, here is some history:

I'm proud of our history. Shadow Company was founded as an Omni Fixer org by an Opi fixer named Candice "Nettie" Kerans. She even developed her own Sub-Machine-Gun, the "OT Kerans Automatic Grinner" (see /tell itemsnet auto grinner). It goes with out saying that since the beginning of SC there has been MANY others that have done a tremendous job of bringing SC along to where we are today. :)



Temple of The Three Winds ToTW's: http://ao.stratics.com/content/guides/dungeons/templeofthreewinds.shtml?s=

List of Org Members: http://auno.org/ao/char.php?guild=Shadow+Company&dimension=1&faction=Omni

Auno's Items DataBase and Implant Designer: http://auno.org

Special armor Construction Etc Great Site: anarchyarcanum.com


_Report by: Ezther - January 17, 2005, 1:27 PM (GMT)

Welcome again. We are having very good days in the Subway and The Temple of Three Winds. There is however a matter of Kill Stealing that has come up. This means that if a team is attacking a mob, another team attempts KS'ing by starting an attack on that same mob typically trying to get XP and loot from it to. Well, KS'ing is not polite and I think most of the reports of people having done it in our guild is probable just out of being new to doing missions in a multi team environment. PLEASE do not let me hear of you being involved in KS'ing. The only exception that comes to mind is against Clan Teams. Then it's ok as far as I'm concerned. Everyone have a great day. ^ ^

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