Sanctuary Key Quests :

Sanctuary Key Quests

Bima has this one for Penumbra in a forum here.


Anarchy Arcanum has a few nice guides to sanctuary key quests here.

If anyone comes up with more sanctuary guide links please let me know.


Elysium Sanctuary Quest Shere
  1. Talk to Prophet Nar Shere at the temple again.
  2. Return to the same Redemed mobs as before, in the same order, and kill each of them.
  3. The last Redemed mob will drop a 'Breafing'.
  4. Take the 'Breafing' back to the Prophet Nar Shere. He will give you the Key to the Shere Sanctuary.
Scheol Sanctuary Quest Roch
  1. Talk to the Hypnagogic in the Garden of Roch again and tell him that you are ready to find Eric Miller.
  2. Go to the center of the garden to find Eric Miller and talk to him.
  3. Give him a Novictalized Notum Crystal with 'Weart Empath Min-Ji Liu'l when he asks for it.
  4. Summon the Empath, but don't kill her. Just target her till you get a mission update.
  5. Go back to the garden and talk with Eric Miller to get a Blessed Pattern of Min-Ji Liu.
  6. Take that to the Unredemed temple and talk to the Prophet Eckel Roch again.
  7. He will spawn Unredemed Roch for you to talk to him. He will remove the blessing on the pattern and turn it into a Defiled Pattern of Min-Ji Liu.
  8. Head to Ergo in Lower Scheol, where outside you will find an Ancient Machinery. Use the pattern on the machinery and get a quest update.
  9. Respawn the Empath (unless she is still there) and kill her to get the mission update.
  10. Return to Eric Miller and give him the defiled pattern to receive the Key to the Roch Sanctuary.

        <NOTE: You will need to do the most damage on the Empath in order to get loot rights or you won't get a mission update.>

Adonis Sacntuary Quest Dalja
  1. Collect a Blueprint of the Infernal Demon.  (Currently only dropping from Unredemed mobs. Visionist Lum-Bhotaar Dal at 1475x850 Adonis City and Follower Man-Hes Dal at 1310x810 Adonis City have 100% drop rates. (of course since there are 4 parts, even 100% drop rate means a lot of camping. And you have to kill unredemed mobs you will be loosing some faction with the unredemed and the Followers).
  2. In the Adonis Garden talk to Visionist Bhotaar-Hes Dal to start the quest.
  3. Show the Visionist the garden key and get the mission.
  4. Talk to the Visionist again and show him the pattern for the next mission update.
  5. Now you need to get the pattern made into a Novictalized Notum Crystal and head to a ql 160+ incarnator.
  6. Spawn the Demon and talk to him. Make sure you treat him like garbage to get the best results.
  7. After the conversation you should receive a a new blueprint and the demon will despawn.
  8. Make the new blueprint into a Novictalized Notum Crystal and spawn him. After the 6 minute grace period, kill him.
  9. Loot the body and collect the 'Information'.
  10. Return to the garden and give the the Visionist the 'Information' to receive the Key to the Dalja Sanctuary.
Penumbra Sanctuary Quest Vanya
  1. Speak with Garboil Roch Van in the Penumbra Garden hedge maze to start the mission.
  2. You will need to find a Calibration Tuner (sold by the Yuttos I believe) to do the quest.
  3. Upload the coords to the map and head to the mission.
  4. In the mission find a large machine and use the tuner on it. Wait for mission update and run out.
  5. Repeat the mission 6 more times. Mission locations are usually in the same place. Also the machine is usually in the same room.
  6. Kill the Redemed Leaders
     1. Hiisian Steed-Tainted - 790x1290 - West Penumbra
     2. Watcher Cama Mara-Thar-Leader - 1045x180 - West Penumbra (SW Redemed village)
     3. Chimera Cranii-Marked - East Penumbra (NE of the Penumbra Fortress Statue)
     4. Devoted Gil Wei-Wei - Adonis Redemed Temple (Upstairs)
     5. Devoted Cama Zean-Mara - West Penumbra (The NW cave where the Corpse-Sucker is located).
     6. Watcher ??? - West Penumbra - Redemed Temple (Second room behind the stairs).
     7. Len Wu - West Penumbra - SW Redemed village (Any of them will do).
     8. Sipus Cama Ilad-Lux - West Penumbra - SW Redemed village
     9. Watcher ??? - West Penumbra - Redemed Temple (top of the stairs).
    10. Venerable Ecclesiast - West Penumbra - Redemed Temple
         *Give the shady guy 6 Cama Insignias to spawn the Empath.
    11. Empath Alyssa - West Penumbra - Redemed Temple
    12. Redemed Cama  - West Penumbra - Redemed Temple
  7. After you kill Redemed Cama you will receive your Key to Vanya Sanctuary.
Inferno Sanctuary Quest Lord Mordeth
*waiting for info.
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