Directions to Shadow Company's Alien City:

Q: How to Get to SC's alien city in Upper Stret East Bank?

A: Khornish tells me that if you do not yet have the AI expansion pack you can still grid to our City but you can not go into the Head Quarters which is a drag because that is where a grid terminal is to grid back out of the city. However, we have installed 3 diffent womps that you can womp to an a city with a nearby grid term. Example, take Nuetuers R Us Womp then womp to Borealis and use that grid term at the north edge of the city there.

Q: How to run to the org City?

A: (Directions) Womp or grid to 2HO then run north til you zone into Upper Stret East Bank. I should metion you will do best to get a fixer run buff and HOT and set your slider to full Def before you start so you can blitz by all the meanies. Run 2/3rds up into Upper Stret East Bank and the Coords for the city are: 1470 x 2180 Upper Stret East Bank.
City 1B on the CSP map -- Upper Stret East Bank.

If you are at the city and being overwhelmed by a mob or alien and death is certain be mindful that if you have the AI expanse pack you can take refuge in our HQ by zoning in through its door or even just run into one of the 3 womps, beets dying.

City Lag: I have arranged our City and buildings to minimize lag. If you exit the grid into the city and remain facing to the north mostly your graphics card won't have to interpret our city neighborhood behind us. If you see me walking or running backwards from the north part of the city I'm not really nutz, well mostly not ^ ^, anyway I just don't want to turn around.

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