Slyyk's Scripts:

Ahdion -1. November. 2002

Slyyks Scripts
Ahdion -1. November. 2002
Ok, I have a couple scripts I use often on the three characters I play the most. To create a script, go to your AO/Scripts folder (or make one if you don't have one already), open notepad, and make a file with the commands you want to use. Then rename the command and take off the .txt extension. After that make a macro in-game, here is an example of how you would make a macro for the Engineer bot assist script I have down farther on the page:

/macro assist /botassist - This is assuming I have named that script "botassist". Once you press enter a black square with the name "assist" will appear on your cursor which you can place on your shortcut bar.MPs have more than one pet so I also give examples for those too. Many different scripts can be made using emotes, delays, and pet chat, so feel free to check other websites for the different commands and have fun with it. =)



 >>>%t<<< is rooted, leave it alone and get out of range!

 NCU Buff
 Preparing to cast NCU buff, please close old buff and leave one slot  open.

 Incoming (Used when I am the puller for the group)
 Bringing >>>%t<<< home for dinner!
Renaming Pets
/pet "Wrath Incarnation" rename "Peanut Butter"
/pet "Salvinious" rename "Jelly"

Note that once the pets are renamed, all other scripts only have to be made using the new names once. As you upgrade your fish, just change the names in these first two scripts. Also, the fish do not actually have to be targeted when you rename them. I keep the macros for the names directly under the button on the shortcut bar that summons each one for convenience.

Attack Pet

/pet "Attack Pet" chat "Come play with me >>>%t<<<"
/pet "Attack Pet" attack

/pet "Healpet" chat "Healing %t now"
/pet "Healpet" heal

 /pet chat "Assisting %t"
 /assist %t
 /pet attack
Note that for all of these scripts, %t should be the current person/mob you have targeted, so under the Options tab you should already have Auto Target and Auto Attack turned off so that you can pick your target manually.

Here is a link to a nifty little tool developed by the guild Unity of the Rose. If you play in windowed mode you can create and change your scripts on the fly, so if you MPs get a new attack or healpet you can immediatley change the name in the rename scripts, without having to touch your in-game macros at all, and your other commands for each pet will still work.

Unity of the Rose AO Scripter

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